CROSSROADS aims to be an annual art festival of new media art showcased on commercial electronic billboard displays. For its inauguration, the festival takes crossroads as its title, taking cue from the site from which the new media artworks will be displayed and at the same time the thematic idea of being at a crossroad.

Recent events, from the global pandemic to rapid advancements in technology, have put us as a society at a crossroads: one where we are challenged to reconsider our mediations with structures that shape our collective lived experiences.

Curated by RAFI ABDULLAH and presenting the works of graphic design trio HAUSE, alongside visual artists HOWIE KIM, JURIA TORAMAE, PHUA JUAN YONG, PRIYAGEETHA DIA and TRISTAN LIM; the festival features an array of artworks from a diverse pool of local and locally-based artists, ranging from animated films, computer-generated imagery, and generative new media art. The festival aspires to be an experience in which we are afforded a moment in time to renegotiate our relationship with cultural consumption, through the activation of art in advertising display screens.

More information and event trailer on @tonewentities.

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